Stuff I Love

The products / books / workshops listed on this page are, as simply as the title of the page implies, things that I LOVE. Things that make my life easier as a person living with chronic pain or limited mobility, training / workshops that make me a better person and businesswoman, book sthat just make me happy in my heart, whatever.

Generally they are also a bargain, because I’m thrifty as fuck. Ya gotta be! Especially when you have student loans and medical bills piling up, amirite?

You can take it or leave it, but I hope you find a thing or two you love, too!


As an overweight, 6 ft. tall Spoonie, it can be difficult to find athletic/workout/yoga clothing that fits well (tall and plus size) and doesn’t break the bank. I finally found quality clothing that meets all of the requirements at Fabletics. Use my link to shop and you’ll get 2 Pairs of Leggings for $24. My personal favorites are the High-Waisted Powerhold Leggings they come in TALLS, as well as lots and lots of colors and patterns!



What Self Respecting Girl DOESN’T Need Vegan Unicorn Makeup Brushes with a BOMB ASS Glittery Makeup Bag?!

So I’m officially totally in love with e.l.f. Products.

Why? They’re vegan and cruelty free, and freaking AFFORDABLE! I got 3 lipsticks, two mascaras, some highlighting powder, a pallete of 40 eyeshadow colors, and eyeliner, for under $50. The most expensive thing I ordered was $12 and the cheapest was $2. Also, when you order $25 of stuff you get free shipping and sometimes they throw in a free gift — and the free gifts have three products in them! It’s crazy! If you shop from my link you’ll get $5 free to spend. Annnnnd they have an Active/Workout product line!

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