Stuff I Love

The products / books / workshops listed on this page are, as simply as the title of the page implies, things that I LOVE. Things that make my life easier as a person living with chronic pain or limited mobility, training / workshops that make me a better person and businesswoman, book sthat just make me happy in my heart, whatever.

Generally they are also a bargain, because I’m thrifty as fuck. Ya gotta be! Especially when you have student loans and medical bills piling up, amirite?

You can take it or leave it, but I hope you find a thing or two you love, too!



  • This bathing suit is my hero. It fits wonderfully, I dare say, like a glove. It’s long enough for my super long torso, and no surprises in the sizing department. It is PERFECTION for water aerobics, which is the literal best way for this spoonie to get exercise. Observe:



  • As an overweight, 6 ft. tall Spoonie, it can be difficult to find athletic/workout/yoga clothing that fits well (tall and plus size) and doesn’t break the bank. I finally found quality clothing that meets all of the requirements at Fabletics. Use my link to shop and you’ll get 2 Pairs of Leggings for $24. My personal favorites are the High-Waisted Powerhold Leggings they come in TALLS, as well as lots and lots of colors and patterns!



What Self Respecting Girl DOESN’T Need Vegan Unicorn Makeup Brushes with a BOMB ASS Glittery Makeup Bag?!

  • So I’m officially totally in love with e.l.f. Products. Why? They’re vegan and cruelty free, and freaking AFFORDABLE! I got 3 lipsticks, two mascaras, some highlighting powder, a pallete of 40 eyeshadow colors, and eyeliner, for under $50. The most expensive thing I ordered was $12 and the cheapest was $2. Also, when you order $25 of stuff you get free shipping and sometimes they throw in a free gift — and the free gifts have three products in them! It’s crazy! If you shop from my link you’ll get $5 free to spend. Annnnnd they have an Active/Workout product line!


  • Want to join me in a most amazing adventure in personal and professional development? Check out the Unstoppable Influence 21 Day Challenge!