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I think this is my first vlog…a vlog blog!

The short story is that my doctor is an assclown and refused to call the clinican from UNUM back about my disability claim because he thought I was trying to get put on PERMENANT Disability, and scam the government. 

Also, I have another MRI today at 11AM and I see the neurologist on 12/21. There’s a possibliity that there may be something happening with my SI joint/pelvis/hip. 

Maybe at some point these doctors will stop treating me like I’m crazy. That would be neat!


Musings of a Thankful Heart

As I look out upon the horizon of another twelve months, I wish for myself that I remember to say, “Fuck the haters.” May I only take time for the Yay-Sayers and remember that I can’t take worry to the bank, so I need not worry about what others think of me / my business / my story.

In this next twelve months, I hope that I can do for others what Toby has done for me: Breathe life back into dreams.

May I remember that it doesn’t matter what doctor’s and specialists say — they don’t write my story. I write my story, and I know my truth, which is that my pain is very real, very debilitating, and unacceptable.

You may lose the battle but don’t stop fighting the war.

Never let anyone else write your story. Don’t let them decide who you are and what your truth is.

Most people in my position don’t have the financial resources to access a lawyer, or the wherewithal to know that it might be worth fighting a decision like this. 

*I* don’t have the financial resources to hire an attorney. Especially not after more than 5 months out of work.

Ya know what?

That’s what these insurance scumbags count on.

What is This Strange Feeling?, or: When You’re So Used to Pain that You Think Not Feeling Pain is Strange

I am not a medical or legal professional. The information provided in this blog is anecdotal and is not medical advice. I am telling you MY story. My story and experiences may be different from yours.

I do not represent any of the companies that produce the products pictured and discussed in this blog. Again, anecdotal and personal experience.

Now, let’s dive in, shall we?!

When You Know You’re Being an Asshole and Can’t Stop, or What Happens When I’m Paingry

I am normally a very loving, kind person. I may say things super bluntly (especially for southerners) and I definitely say “fuck” a whole lot, but I’m kind.

My friends actually call me the Love Terrorist. It started with my friend Lisa and I owned it and now it’s just a thing. It’s a fairly accurate representation of who I am. 

All of that being said, sometimes I can be a real asshole. It’s one of the side effects of chronic pain and medication to treat chronic pain that I haven’t seen many people talk about.

Fearlessness vs. Recklessness

Not all opportunities are created equal, especially when it comes to virtual businesses and direct marketing opportunities.

There is a difference between fearlessness and recklessness. You don’t want to be reckless.

If you are reading this and thinking, “I need something like this in my life,” or “I don’t want to keep settling either, I want to dream again too,” join me!

Let’s punch fear in the tits together and build something great in the space in which fear used to live!