A Shower Shouldn’t Have to Feel Like Such a Luxury

UPDATE 9/1/2017: I’ve decided to do this for the whole month of September.

One of the things that most people probably don’t think about or realize is how often something as simple as a shower or a clean change of clothes can elude a person with chronic pain/illness. I wrote earlier in the week about how I stood up from the couch and moved just right and caused the entire left side of my back to seize up.

From 7AM Monday morning through Midnight last night (Wednesday,) I was in excruciating pain. I was in the same pair of pajamas from Sunday night until yesterday afternoon, when I could move enough to change my clothes.

I hadn’t showered since Sunday night either, because we live in an older house (1948 build) and currently the only fully functioning bathroom is on the second story. I didn’t have the strength, and I was in too much pain, to climb the stairs.

This morning I woke up feeling much better. My pain was down from a 7/10 to a 3/10 and I was able to feed the dog and everything, so I decided that a shower should definitely happen.

It’s hard to put into words how good that shower felt.

Not just the shower itself, but being strong enough to get up the stairs; strong enough to strip myself of the stinky, dirty clothes I’d been wearing since Sunday without pain grabbing hold of me so hard that I gasped for breath.

To wash away the filth and pain of the week and slip into clean clothes. It struck me quite suddenly while I was drying off just how good it felt to be clean and smell the fragrance of different soaps that floated in the water vapors hanging in the air.

My very next thought was how good it would feel to people displaced by the storm in Texas to shower and put on clean clothes. My next thought was that I was a total jerkface if I didn’t try to help make that happen for some people.

So, I took to Facebook, and posted a live video  announcing that for every $100 in product sold on my virtual store today, I would put $10 onto a superstore gift card and mail it to my friend Jodie in Dallas. Jodie is helping communities and churches in Houston and the surrounding areas by sorting through and organizing goods donated and gathered for distribution.

I have a background in nonprofit fundraising and development, which means that I know pretty well that people will react and respond strongly to a crisis when it is immediate and has just happened.

However, after a few weeks, when it isn’t part of the mainstream news cycle anymore the attention and rallying of support begins to fade. Meanwhile, it takes much more than a few weeks for a community or communities to get put back together after something as major as this.

Folks displaced by the storm in Texas have walked and waded through dirty water for as much as 12 miles, probably more, that was just the highest number I heard from a survivor who was interviewed by a news crew.

A comfort as basic as a shower shouldn’t have to feel like such a luxury after something like that.

Clean clothes shouldn’t be something that people can only daydream about. These are the thoughts I had while enjoying the afterglow of my own shower, and this is why I am donating funds specifically for this purpose.

I hope that anyone who can join me in this effort will decide that they will join me. The link to my virtual store is at the bottom of this and every page of my website.

Click the linky-dink.

You can also get there by clicking the link in the comments section of that live video I linked above.

Thanks in advance for all who take the time to read this and all who join me in my efforts to help even a little.

This is not something I see myself doing regularly, I am committed to keeping my blog life somewhat separate from my business life, but this is a special circumstance. I do not represent the opinions or views of any organization or individual other than myself.

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