What the Hell am I doing here?

I am not the creator of this mug, it was a gift from a friend. If you decide you must have this mug, you can find it by clicking here.

I am the creator of this blog although I have little idea what exactly that means yet. Roughly, I want to share my thoughts on living with chronic pain or a chronic illness (in my case, Degenerative Disc Disease) while (and in part thanks to) building a successful home-based business.

There will be talk about the good days and the bad days, the coping mechanisms and therapies and treatments that I employ, the strategies I build for the business piece of it, and anything else that seems relevant or important enough for me to jot down.

Who the Hell am I to think that anybody gives a rip what I have to say about any of it? I don’t know, really. My friends and family seem entertained enough by it, and some have even used the word inspiring. So I have that going for me, if nothing else. With that, I’ll bid you adieu. For now.

…and awwaaaay we gooooo!



  1. The title of your blog is a question I’ve asked myself many times. I have found that the answer sometimes can only be appreciated in retrospect. I do believe that life is for learning and at the risk of sounding like an old Chinese curse, I hope you learn a lot.

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