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Episode 14: Questions & Answers & Spiders, Oh My! This week the ladies answer questions sent in by YOU, the listeners! Hear the story of how they met, why they started the podcast, what makes Kelly so nerdy, and much, much more!  Special thanks to the Not Suitable for Work Podcast Network and the ladies of Honesty Check Podcast for sending in questions. Also, special thanks to fans Ashley, Skylar, and Phil.  This episode was a boatload of fun to record, and the ladies hope you have as much fun listening! Stay tuned for next week, when we have our… Read more Episode 14: Questions & Answers & Spiders, Oh My!

Episode 12: Anti-Semites and Craftivism On this week’s episode, Debbie Jo and Kelly talk with special guest and fellow true crime nerd, Alexandra Weingartner, about speaking up when it is most important and even if it makes some folks uncomfortable. Alex reads and discuses her poem, which appeared in a My Favorite Murder fan subgroup, and is how Debbie Jo and Kelly first became aware of her and her poetry. The poem is as follows (and was posted without title): We won’t conceal a Nazi in the shadows of our group, There’s levels where… Read more Episode 12: Anti-Semites and Craftivism

Episode 11: The Dreamers & The Doers This week, Kelly and Debbie Jo talk about money mindset and coming up blue collar. They each tell the stories of how they became entrepreneurs in spite of all of the personal history, education, and mindset that told them they should be/do just about anything else. Each share their histories in the nonprofit sector prior to becoming business women, and touch a bit on how anxiety-inducing that was, and still can be, for each of them.  Normally this would have been the week for the gals to have a… Read more Episode 11: The Dreamers & The Doers

Episode 10: Self-Care & Minding Your Own Damn Business This ish is about to get real, y’all.  On this episode, Debbie Jo and Kelly tackle self-care and personal care choices, and staying in your own damn lane. It’s not up to anyone else to tell you how to best take care of yourself or question your care choices. Why do so many people on the internet think they’ve earned some kind of magical medical degree just because they’ve read a few articles about your condition/illness/whatever? They don’t know what it’s like to be you. Even if they share… Read more Episode 10: Self-Care & Minding Your Own Damn Business

Episode 09: Accessibility & Guilty Pleasures On this episode the ladies interview Abbie Díaz, Director of Education at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Abbie has worked in thirteen museums and heritage sites across four states. Formerly in the field of Archaeology, Abbie has worked exclusively in museum education for the past five years. Abbie is on a mission to make museums and historical sites and, really, the world, more accessible to all people, regardless of their unique needs and limitations. Accessibility and inclusivity are her thing. Her battle cry is, “Museums are for everyone.” And she means everyone.… Read more Episode 09: Accessibility & Guilty Pleasures

Episode 08: Hoop Earrings & Rape Culture This week Debbie Jo and Kelly talk about straight f***ery in East Tennessee, where a high school teacher held a special meeting with female students to tell them about how they can expect to be respected or not be respected based on the clothing and accessories they wear. The ladies discuss the perpetuation of rape culture and their own experiences sexual assault and the struggle for women who must decide whether to report or not to report. Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault While graphic details are not shared, Kelly does… Read more Episode 08: Hoop Earrings & Rape Culture